I have used Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto for a little less than a year, and I will give you a vision of its qualities and its defects


I have used Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto for a little less than a year, and I will give you a vision of its qualities and its defects

Expect to spend some time training. Different pastes give different results. Different amounts of dough and filling require different heat settings .

 I suggest you slowly increase the oven temperature to around 300-350 degrees for the best result. Going over 350 degrees is just way too hot, unless you make a very simple pizza with little topping.

I burned a lot of pizza at the start, but it was arranged by cooking at a lower heat. It took me a while to bake the pizza crust and the toppings. But in the end, everything was perfect.

I have already eaten pizzas which have been cooked in wood ovens and made by amateurs, and often the burnt edges are not tasty. On the other hand, the golden and crisp edges are delicious.

One of the biggest problems with this oven is the difficulty of placing the pizza by sliding it with the pizza peel. A few beers or glasses of wine and a slightly too blunt push from the pizza peel, and the pizza will slide on the bottom of the oven.

I tried to be tricky by making oval pizzas, but it didn’t work well. It was not the right approach!


I fixed this problem permanently by making a simple curved stop at the back of the oven that would prevent the pizza from sticking out. I made it from a piece of folded thin sheet metal that wrapped around the back half of the stone. It is supported by the thin metal flanges that hold the stones in place. Now, even when you miss the pizza shovel, everything is going well. We come back to life-size round pizzas.


Another annoying thing is the height of the opening on the front of the oven . There is not much room to handle the shovel.


I suggest first placing the front edge of your skin over the front edge of the stone, then adjusting the tilt of the shovel. 

I use a wooden shovel to insert the pizza and a metal shovel to rotate and remove it. The edge of a wooden shovel is simply too thick to pass easily under the pizza.

The wooden shovel, with a little semolina will help prevent the pizza from sticking while you put the toppings. 

Metal doesn’t seem to work as well for this. However, a metal shovel is perfect once the crust is done. 

So this is what I use to remove the pizza to turn it over and place it on a cutting board. The method of two shovels with a cutting board to serve works well for us. 


All in all, once you have a little workout you should be able to cook good pizza one after the other. And you do n’t need wood and hours to heat the oven. 

Once connected to your gas cylinder, starting the oven and heating are fully satisfactory.

The Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto is a good gas pizza oven. We appreciate the fact that it heats up quickly and makes it possible to obtain delicious pizzas. That said, it will take time to adapt to find the right temperature. Also, the opening of the oven a little small can sometimes interfere with handling. If you are looking for a device that allows you to make good Neapolitan pizzas, while also getting rid of wood and charcoal, then this is one device to consider.