Bertello fire and wood pizza oven – an honest review

Bertello fire and wood pizza oven – an honest review

Why is this pizza oven so good?

I decided! For this summer I have a rather modest resolution: to take out a portable pizza oven, put wood in it and make the best pizza I ever. Who needs burgers or grilled steaks? Homemade pizza has the most irresistible taste, is easy to make and can be adapted to any type of diet and preferences. But for the preparation of a delicious pizza you need a suitable oven.

Certainly, you’ve already started reading reviews or watched videos about the best pizza ovens. I have been using Bertello wood pizza oven for some time. It has become irreplaceable when we go on trips or to the cottage in the countryside.

Why did I specifically choose this model? Well, the answer is a long one. There are so many pros and cons about this pizza oven and at the same time so many other models that already have reviews. This is also the reason why I decided to write these few lines so that after you have gone through everything you have a clearer picture. And of course, see if it suits you too.

Pizza is an Italian dish highly appreciated worldwide. It’s part of the party tables, fills the empty stomach when you rush, turns a barbecue into something extraordinary. Originally from Naples, pizza can be to everyone’s liking. It all depends on your creativity regarding the topping ingredients used or the recently discovered recipe you want to test.

The preparation cannot take place without a custom oven. The creativity we talked about earlier is important too, but on the other hand to get a perfect pizza it is necessary to pay attention to the technical aspects. Like choosing a pizza oven.

As you know, classic ovens are classified by the type of fuel used:

  • Wood
  • Gas
  • Electricity

It is considered that gas furnace models are more economical but electric ones cannot be disconsidered from this point of view, also. Of course, except for these two, nothing compares to the taste of pizza made in a wood oven. For those who have a generous yard they can build a wood-burning oven, but you will never have the portability that the wood-fired oven Bertello offers you.

At this moment, there are hundreds of companies that can offer you the accessories and tools needed to prepare a pizza. There are also many manufacturers that offer numerous models of pizza ovens. But, not all of them can be suitable for your needs and desires.

Bertello wood and gas oven is a portable model that can be supplied with wood or coal and gas, depending on your needs, conditions and preferences. It can be placed anywhere as it has the ideal size. You can even set up a restaurant on wheels and serve pizza at parties. This model of oven can be suitable for any family that has a small yard, a garden or goes for a picnic in the forest.

The Bertello wood and gas oven preheats quickly and can reach a temperature of up to 500C. By the way, the perfect temperature for a pizza to cook evenly is 400 – 5000C and, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to reach this temperature.

Just imagine, all that melted cheese that stretches and the crispy crust that leaves your mouth watering. This is the result I got every time I used the Bertello wood and gas oven. And, at this point, I can easily say that I am not disappointed.


Who would buy Bertello gas and wood oven?

Due to the compact design and the main advantages that accompany this Bertello gas and wood oven, it is an investment that will not make you feel sorry. Just imagine, all those moments where you will impress your friends with a freshly baked pizza, even when you are at a picnic. And, you won’t even have to wait an hour until the delivery guy brings home your orders.

I bought it and I can say that I am very pleased with this Bertello wood gas oven. At first I said, “I’m sure I’ll make pizza a few times and then I’ll store the oven and forget about it.” But it wasn’t the case. I can tell you straight! Freshly baked pizza in a wood oven creates addiction.

But, let’s see what other features this Bertello gas and wood oven can have:

– It is an authentic gas and wood oven that can also be fed with coal

– You can prepare pizza, steaks and other foods at a temperature that can reach up to 5000C

– You can use charcoal, wood, pellets or the gas burner that comes with the oven in the package

– A generous space dedicated to cooking

– The tray for burnt waste is also included in your investment in this oven

– Various accessories such as a pallet for making pizza and boxes for those who want to take this culinary delight to the pack

– Can be used anywhere, at home or in nature with great ease

Since it works even if you choose to use pellets, it becomes an economical solution. The gas burner that comes with this portable oven model, has the ability to provide the burning time required to prepare a pizza as an experienced chef. Impress your friends and family with this portable oven and they will want you to make more pizza.

Why to buy Bertello fire and wood pizza oven

  1. The possibility to cook fast like a true chef

Due to the fact that this oven heats up quickly and has a generous space for cooking, you will be able to cook a wide range of meat, fish, vegetables, desserts and endless types of pizza that we have talked about so far. Cooking a steak will not take more than 10 minutes. You will be able to discover new recipes and cook them quickly for your family and friends. This oven can become a very good alternative to the classic barbecue made on summer weekends. If you have a vegetarian friend, then you certainly won’t be able to convince him to taste your steak but a pizza with his favorite ingredients will make him feel at ease and appreciate your effort. With Bertello fire and wood oven, everyone will be able to get their favorite dish.

2. Light weight

Weighing no more than 13 kg it is perfect to take it with you to the campsite or to a picnic.

3. Economic

Given the small size and the minimum fuel requirement to function properly, you will be able to prepare a delicious pizza or a steak in just a few minutes. Of course, we exclude the fact that you must also prepare the necessary ingredients.

4. Very easy to use

All you have to do is place the portable oven on a flat surface, connect the burner, fuel it and it is ready to use for cooking. All that remains to be done is to determine what recipes to experiment now.

There are thousands of pizza recipes worldwide, but I personally, prefer to prepare a Capriciosa pizza. I still experience it from time to time and again, what makes me happy is that no one stays hungry until everything is ready. This reminds me of a year when it was raining heavily in the summer, especially on weekends and we had to sit with the umbrella over the barbecue. That day I was almost starving. But with this oven you will be able to move everything to a safe place and continue cooking.

5. Works as a multifunctional outdoor oven

Not only can pizza be cooked in Bertello’s portable gas and wood oven. Many times, when I don’t have the appetite for pizza or steak, I cook various barbecue recipes with vegetables. They are just as successful as the Saturday night pizza nights I organize.

It can become the perfect companion when hosting a party or having a picnic with friends in the backyard or in the nature. Comes with a series of accessories that will be very useful and you will appreciate them. You will receive a palette for pizza and you will feel like a real chef.

Reasons against purchasing the product

Because there can be no product or service without having some disadvantages, The most fair thing I can do is to show you some of the disadvantages:

• It can be quite uncomfortable to carry if you don’t have a car

Although it can be extremely valuable at parties in your backyard, it can be quite uncomfortable to wear when you go out in the wild and don’t own a car. However, this small problem can be easily remedied. All you have to do is make sure that you have packed it in a comfortable bag and if there are more people accompanying you, then you can exchange luggage and make breaks often. In the end, when you will serve the food made in the Bertello oven it will be worth all the effort.

• You may find it uncomfortable to feed the oven with pellet continuously

This portable oven can also use pellets. Some people may find it quite uncomfortable to have to constantly supply the pellet to the oven. Therefore, to ensure your comfort, I recommend buying wood for barbecue (it can be found in abundance in DIY stores or even in supermarkets when we are in full barbecue season).

If we were to balance the pros and cons, you can come to the conclusion that the pros are more numerous and you can easily overcome some drawbacks. It is an excellent portable oven model that can bring the novelty in the dishes cooked on the grill. While making a regular barbecue involves limiting yourself to just a few dishes, this oven offers the ability to make a pizza just like in the restaurant.

What about those who already bought the product? What they say about it?

My opinion is only one and the fact that I am satisfied for many people may be insufficient to convince. On Amazon this product has a rating of 4.5 stars and the reviews were presented on a positive note. Most of those who have already purchased this Bertello gas and wood oven were extremely pleased. Some people even replaced similar products with this model.

It is easy to use even by amateur cooks as the results always come out perfectly. It is also a quality and durable product. The good price makes it an inspired investment.


To escape in nature for a day with your family or friends, does not mean to give up personal comfort and, especially, to give up your favorite culinary dishes. Of course, when you go camping you usually buy canned goods, cereals, cooked vegetable soups and ready-made sandwiches. Instead, wouldn’t it be better to eat a fresh meal like a pizza?

The Bertello gas and wood pizza oven, offered by Napoli Bertello, can help you in this regard. Make no exception to the rules underlying the preparation of pizza just like a restaurant. Also, it is not different from a regular pizza oven. It is a portable oven that has all the features and functionalities necessary to cook anywhere, regardless of conditions. Having a compact size and not exceeding 13 kg, it was created to bring the pleasure of cooking directly in the middle of nature.

It runs on natural fuels, which makes it environmentally friendly. This aspect is especially important considering the current environmental problems. It can also run on gas, which greatly reduces cooking time. It heats up almost instantly and can reach its maximum temperature in 5 to 10 minutes.

In case of necessity, the hob in the oven can be replaced with a new one, thus eliminating the temperature differences and not burning the preparations.

The upper part of the oven, in the form of a dome, reflects and heats evenly so that all the meals bake evenly.

Bertello gas and wood pizza oven can bake a pizza with a size of 30 cm, bake potatoes and chips. For best use it is recommended that this pizza oven be cleaned after each use with a brush. Proper maintenance prolongs its life, so you can automatically prepare pizza whenever you want to make a kitchen change.

The oven is made of high quality materials. Anyone will be able to prepare a pizza because it is very simple to use and turns any place into a real kitchen. All you have to do is gather your favorite ingredients and create the perfect pizza topping. It can withstand all conditions and behaves ideally when used in nature.

Wherever you are, whatever the conditions, this is a product you can rely on. You will be able to experience new recipes or even launch your own culinary blog in the middle of nature. This Bertello gas and wood pizza oven offers you unlimited possibilities. All you have to do is be creative.

Through this review I tried to include as much essential information about this pizza oven. If you still have questions about this product, feel free to write a comment. Or, if you have already used it then you can share with us the recipes you have tried and the results obtained.